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By flintarchit9220142, Feb 28 2015 04:06PM

Imagine viewing your dream home or design through your own smartphone even before the contractors break ground!? This is what the future of design and architectural communication will embrace. The technology of 3D is here!

The link below is a great gateway to what this technology really can bring to the table.

By flintarchit9220142, Feb 19 2015 02:20PM

Thinking of opening up a wall in your home or restaurant but are not sure if it will be a structural problem? Flint Architects can determine this for you! Our current project is doing just that. We are taking out the kitchen wall to their dining room and opening up two openings that are structural walls. Opening another wall in the kitchen to make room for a built in Sub-Zero fridge. And lastly a opening to the mudroom.

By flintarchit9220142, Feb 12 2015 02:40PM

Tired of the same layout of your office or even outdated furniture that needs to be replaced? This is what First Congregational Church in Downers Grove told us. They hired us to do some design development drawings for them. Our firm often does 2-3 different concepts. (ex. Additions, interior layouts, new home design, restaurant build out) Each concept we design has a view things in mind: 1) Logistics of how the space is going to be used, 2) What the clients vision maybe 3) And attention to detail.

Below are two concepts configurations we created of the office at First Congregational Church.

By flintarchit9220142, Jan 31 2015 10:02PM

New Craftsman Style Home in Revit
New Craftsman Style Home in Revit
Analysing and designing the best layout for the home.
Analysing and designing the best layout for the home.

At Flint Architects we use cutting edge software that helps our clients visualize their dreams, from very fundamental room planning, to full realistic renderings. Shown above is an example of a new home designed by Flint Architects using our powerful software Revit. We have a lot to offer, especially with our years of experience in the trade. If you have any questions feel free to follow and comment below!

By flintarchit9220142, Jan 24 2015 05:38PM

We get many questions about what we do and how it is done. The most asked question is, "What is our next step?" This is a great question for any homeowner to ask, and we hope this will help answer that question. This is our typical process from beginning to end.

1) The initial contact to the professional architects at Flint Architects.

2) A free consultation and setup a meeting either at our office or at your residence.

3) A break down proposal will be created for you.

3) A last meeting to go over any final questions we may have, or you as the homeowner.

a) This also includes us showing you what makes our firm so unique and different from any other firm.

b) We will show you previous projects that are similar to what you are looking for as an example of what you will be able to look forward to.

4) Once all questions are asked and answered the signing of the contract.

5) The professional team at Flint Architects will then come take existing photos, as well as measurements of the home/property/establishment.

6) With the Plat of Survey (from the owner) we will start the design development stage.

7) We will create the most optimal space planning of your dream plan. (Optional, we can do more than one concept)

8) A follow up meeting is made to go over the 3D model and plans. (THIS IS THE TIME TO MAKE ANY DESING CHANGES)

9) Once a design is met we can bring the preliminary drawings (not the Construction Documents) to a contractor for a ballpark price. This will help you decide if you want to build bigger or smaller due to price.

10) Once an agreement is made, we will then start the detailed Construction Documents. (CDs)

11) When these are done, they will be printed in our in house plotter, and set out to the village for approval.

12) When approved, the bidding and permitting process can start.

13) We have recommended General Contractors (GC) that we can bid to, but if you have a GC that wants to be a part of the bidding process that is great as well!

14) Once you the owner accepts a bid, and you have permit ground breaking can occur.

15) During the process of construction the team at Flint Architects can go through with construction administration.

16) The last and final step is you the owner to enjoy your new home/addition or commercial establishment!

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